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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chapter Illustrations have been Posted!

Thanks for all the wonderful emails and comments on YouTube - I have great news!

The illustrations for each chapter (Up to and including Chapter 5 so far) have been posted - Including a spooky drawing of "The Dark Man" on the inside cover - I will make them clickable to a high res version once Peter Inks the finals - but as for now, I simply could not wait. More chapter art to come!

The thing that gets me is that the picture that Peter drew of the dark man is really not too far off - oh well, no sleep for me tonight...(sigh)...

Take a look, and see what a GREAT job that Artist Peter Francis did! (Spooky indeed...) I love the Clothes Thing, (chapter 4) and the Picture (Chapter 5) - Awesome!

Take a look, and let me know what you think - the beginning of the novel, and on every chapter page...

Till later!


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Writing Horror is Fun!

Writing Horror is Fun!
This is me hard at work...