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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pages 277 - 283 posted...

Mark and Pizza venture into the house where Timothy died in search of answers. Are they ready for what they find?

Chapter Eight begins - "Sins of our Fathers"...

Well, it sure feels good to get back into writing. I did certainly miss it. Funny how writers block can leave just as quickly as it arrives. Hopefully I have seen the last of that particular dysfunction for quite some time.

I again have to offer my sincere apologies for falling off of the horse with my writing, and also for my error that caused confusion with my last week's blog posting. Seems I forgot how to count - I just plain ran out of fingers!

Thanks again for all the wonderful emails of encouragement - I really appreciate the time that people take to write to me - It is overwhelming to say the least!

Well, back to work - enjoy this weeks portion of the story!

Till next week!


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Writing Horror is Fun!

Writing Horror is Fun!
This is me hard at work...