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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pages 263-269 Posted...

Doug shows the large inmate the hard way to be "narrow minded". Mort re-enters the story...

Pages 263 - 269 posted for your enjoyment!

I am finding less endless time to write this time of the year - the work outdoors is seemingly endless - The renovations are not helping any either - I will get back on a steady routine as things calm down, but unfortunately right now, things are crazy.

Thanks again for all the letters of encouragement. They are downright inspiring - Keep them coming!

Funny thing - The Guard character that is about to meet his untimely demise - Craig - is named after a fellow that I work with. It holds absolutely no meaning, and the real Craig is a really super great guy - just seems funny to give his name to a character that gets killed off - Sorry Craig, absolutely nothing is meant by it, buddy... Heheheh.... really....

Well, back at it - Till the next posting!


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Writing Horror is Fun!

Writing Horror is Fun!
This is me hard at work...